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Little Asian Cocksuckers #13

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 08/04/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026159

Models: Mirai Haneda, Yoko Ishino, Rika Kitano, Shizuka, Rika Sasamine, Yukina Aoyama, Nozomi Onuki, Haruna Sakurai, Azusa Nagase

Series: Little Asian Cocksuckers series


Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Japanese girls are generally very willing to please their men; whether that man is their boyfriend, husband, or one of Third World Medias crew, who presented them with a hard cock to suck on. This selection of 10 Japanese cocksuckers prove that a mans total satisfaction can be achieved when a cute J-girl is on her knees.

length: 115 minutes

Tags: little asian cocksuckers 13

Scenes from Little Asian Cocksuckers #13

Scene 1 - she sucks our director's cock in the bathtub!

Starring: Azusa Nagase


Description: Azusa Nagase, our super cute and compact cover girl from Roppongi After Dark comes back to talk dirty and make nice to our directors cock in the bath tub!  

Scene 2 - this nurse takes some sperm samples home in her mouth

Starring: Rika Kitano


Description: Rika Kitano is a real life nurse who takes great pride in her ability to rehabilitate men. She has taken some time off from the hospital to rehabilitate our cameramans cock and take back some sperm samples in her mouth.  

Scene 3 - She slurps and slobbers on his cock

Starring: Juri Momoiro


Description: Juri is a white-skinned J-girl, who wears her sexy green cabaret wig when licking her customers entire body down. She slurps and slobbers on his cock, culminating in a messy mouthful of sticky cum.  

Scene 4 - her specialty is cock detox using her mouth

Starring: Yukina Aoyama


Description: Yukina is our big tit, Soapland Slip and Slide covergirl, who came back to show us her oral skills as well as her bathhouse technique. Her specialty is erotic bathing, including detoxification of their cocks by use of her mouth. She drains him of all his impurities, and is so happy to have served her customer well.  

Scene 5 - She extracts some lactate and caresses her shaved hole

Starring: Nozomi Onuki


Description: Nozomi is a young mother whose nipples are still producing drops of milk. She extracts some lactate and caresses her shaved hole, orgasming several times. She slobers on our guys cock enroute to a mouthful of cum.  

Scene 6 - She soaps and cleans the cock before getting on her knees

Starring: Haruna Sakurai


Description: Haruna Sakurai is young and very cute, with a very stylish slim body. She soaps and cleans the cock before getting on her knees in the bathtub to lick, stroke and suck up a large load of cum. "Yummy" is all she can say after getting a solid load in her mouth.  

Scene 7 - a full-figured Japanese girl, with large tits and perky nipples

Starring: Rika Sasamine


Description: Rika Sasamine is a full-figured Japanese girl, with large tits and perky nipples. She uses those tits to massage some cock, before sucking on it and draining every last possible drop of cum out.  

Scene 8 - Instead of talking, she giggles and sucks a lot of cock

Starring: Shizuka


Description: Shizuka means quiet in Japanese and this government worker certainly does not ever say much. Instead of talking, she giggles and sucks a lot of cock. She sucks our resident badboys cock, which is filled with built in pleasure beads. It is appearance is funny, but Shizuka sucks and giggles away, getting him to give up a huge wad, before spending some extra time with a huge Japanese vibrator between her legs.  

Scene 9 - She knows how to pleasure cock and never leaves the balls alone

Starring: Mirai Haneda


Description: Mirai Haneda is the small and very lovely, big breasted Japanese cutie who made her USA debut in Hello Titty 3 earlier this year. She knows how to pleasure a cock and never leaves the balls unattended either. She is all too happpy to completely swallow a massive load of cum and lick up every last drop.  

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