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Little Asian Cocksuckers #12

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 03/17/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025909

Models: Mirai Haneda, Maya Kitazawa, Megumi Kato, Yuki Kondo, Yuri Aoyama, Junko, Airi, Ran Yutsuki, Mizuki Himesaki

Series: Little Asian Cocksuckers series


Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

Little Asian Cocksuckers #12 is the latest installment in this long running series from Third World Media. The girls are 100% Authentic Japanese, and most are truly very Little in size. However, some of these Little girls are packing a very rare commodity, giant-sized Japanese titties that appear to assist them greatly with their sucking skills. And like everything Japanese, these 10 Little Cocksuckers take extreme pride in their individual oral abilities.

length: 142 minutes

Tags: little asian cocksuckers 12

Scenes from Little Asian Cocksuckers #12

Scene 1 - she swallows his meat between her ultra deep cleavage

Starring: Yuki Kondo


Description: Yuki Kondo is our lusciously thick and very lovely Cover Girl. Dressed in a 1 piece dominatrix type outfit, she uses her massive tits to caress his body and swallow his meat between her ultra deep cleavage. This girl really knows how to tease and lick a cock well, and loves to play with cum, once her man is done.  

Scene 2 - an 18yr old cute maid ready to suck some old man cock.

Starring: Minami Seto


Description: Minami admits to her first BJ occurring when she was 16. Now, she is barely over 18 and dressed in a cute maid costume, ready to suck some old man cock. She is cute with short hair and dark sexy eyes. Her oral skills have improved greatly since she has started sucking cock- as she slurps, spits, and licks her way through a very sexy suck session. She has big tits that also come in handy while fucking his cock with them. She sucks up a hot load, swishes it around a bit, and finally lets it all dribble out. What a happy little cocksucker this young girl is.  

Scene 3 - She treats a cock like a lollipop- licking, slurping, teasing

Starring: Mirai Haneda


Description: Mirai is Third World Medias most recent Starlet. She is tiny and very cute, with long hair and a voluptuous set of knockers. She treats a cock like a lollipop- licking, slurping and teasing it with her sexy tongue and eyes. This girl may be young, but she has lots of experience and knows how to please a man. Her tits come in handy too, as some hot titty fucking action ensues. She licks his balls and goes straight to his ass, before working the tip of his shaft over for a huge cum load aimed straight into her young and very willing mouth.  

Scene 4 - Junkos first priority is pleasing a man

Starring: Junko


Description: Junko is Third World Medias other recent Starlet. This lady is a few years older than her counterpart Mirai, but that is what makes her a very accomplished cocksucker. Junkos first priority is pleasing a man. She teases, talks and giggles with his cock, as her massive raisin nipples inflate beyond full-size. She licks his hairy sack and ass with great pleasure, and sucks up a load that she lets slowly dribble down her chin.  

Scene 5 - her lipstick is pink before it rubs off on Shaggys dick

Starring: Megumi Kato


Description: Megumi gets a ride in the infamous Ruv Bus. They cruise the Tokyo streets, as she gets ready to ingest a piece of Shaggy Nakadashis cock. Her hair is short and orange in color, and her lipstick is pink before it rubs off on Shaggys dick, as she grabs hold of it with her mouth. She strips totally naked in the car, exposing her little pink nipples and her milky white skin. She sucks slow and deep and is so happy to taste Shaggys thick cream in her oral orifice.  

Scene 6 - this very hot teenager is ready to suck some cock

Starring: Airi


Description: Airi is also lucky enough to earn a lift in Shaggys Ruv Bus. This time Bushy Nakamura gets the call, as this long-haired and very hot teenager is ready to suck some cock. She is a pro, and licks up and down from Bushys cock right down to his balls too. This girl knows what she is doing, and puts her ample boobage to work as well, with a titty fucking session for everyone in Tokyo to see. She gets Bushy to give up a huge load, and does not waste a bit of his high-powered protein, as she licks every last drop up.  

Scene 7 - she gently tickles his nut sack and sucks his shaft timidly

Starring: Maya Kitazawa


Description: Maya is a sweet and sexy young girl. She is not experienced at all, and in fact a bit shy and rather timid. This fact makes her cocksucking skills even more sexy, as she gently tickles his nut sack and sucks his shaft timidly at first, but quickly warms up to the idea of getting some fresh cum in her mouth. She swallows it all, commenting how the flavor reminded her of salt water from a family trip to the beach...  

Scene 8 - Motion sickness aside, she gets Stumpy to cough one up

Starring: Mizuki Himesaki


Description: Mizuki is a Chinese girl who was fortunate enough to hitch a ride on Tokyos famous Ruv Bus. Stumpy decides to work this China doll over with his short, pudgy cock. Her ass is window level, as she grabs hold of his tiny wiener with her mouth. Her small, yet very pretty pink nipples sway with the motion of Shaggys van. Motion sickness aside, she manages to get Stumpy to work up a good-sized load, which she sucks up with her Chinese vacuum lips.  

Scene 9 - her mouth opens wide displaying a beautiful blowjob face

Starring: Yuri Aoyama


Description: Yuri is yet another girl lucky enough to even get invited onto the Ruv Bus. Yuri has long hair and pretty dark eyes. Her tits are small and pointy and her mouth opens wide displaying a beautiful blowjob face. She sucks long and diligently, and finally gets a load in her mouth, which she enjoys swishing around and then spitting out. "Yum Yum" she proclaims!  

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