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Little Asian Cocksuckers #11

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/03/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025633

Models: Mei Amasaki, Minami Karasawa, Ami Natsukawa, Rie Yamaguchi, Miyuki Taniguchi, Sakura Haruno, Airi Matsubara, An Mizuki, Arisa Niiyama

Series: Little Asian Cocksuckers series


Best Ethnic Themed Series- Asian

The art of sucking cock is a time-honored tradition in the land of the rising sun. Japan is a homogenous society, however Japanese girls comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors, and the method of cock sucking they employ differs greatly from girl to girl. Little Asian Cocksuckers #11 from Third World Media, has a diverse grouping of 10 J-Girls who all derive their own pleasure from making a mans cock happy. 

length: 123 minutes

Tags: little asian cocksuckers 11

Scenes from Little Asian Cocksuckers #11

Scene 1 - she licks balls and sucks shaft slowly and erotically

Starring: Mei Amasaki


Description: Mei Amasaki is our gorgeous Cover Girl, pictured with a cock about to enter her wet and warm oral canal. She has big natural tits with a very ladylike face. She likes to tease cock and talks dirty to our camera as she licks balls and sucks shaft slowly and very erotically. Her big tits come in handy as she takes a break from sucking to fuck his cock with her huge bongers. She spits on his cock and he cums, leaving a large load that she happily licks up.  

Scene 2 - timid and shy but serious about cock sucking

Starring: Ami Natsukawa


Description: Ami Natsukawa is an 18-year-old newbie with super cute face, firm young body and perfect little tits with perky raisin-tipped nipples. She is in the tub using bath soap to suds up her mans "chin-chin" (cock). She is a bit timid and shy, but she is very serious about her cocksucking skills; as she goes from light licking to deep sucking and finally into some sexy hand-action as well. Her hard work earns her a big cumshot right on her stumpy nipples.  

Scene 3 - This girl really likes the head of a cock!

Starring: Rie Yamaguchi


Description: Rie Yamaguchi has long dark hair, dark eyes and milky white skin. She also has a giant set of natural tits. She is teasing cock on a bed, adorned in very sexy red lingerie. She stares into the camera as she starts to work the head of his cock over with her tongue. She moves down for some ball licking, but quickly heads back up to focus on the head. This girl really likes the head of a cock! His head finally gives up a big load in her mouth; which apparently did not taste as good as she thought it might, and she quickly dribbles it all out.  

Scene 4 - She loves to tease a mans cock, and today's is a hairy one

Starring: Arisa Niiyama


Description: Arisa Niiyama is a 20 year old slim girl with medium sized tits and short hair. She loves to tease a mans cock; and today she gets a particularly hairy one to play with. It does not matter to her though, as she wraps her lips around it and goes no hands to display some very advanced sucking skills. She stares in his eyes and works his meat over well. They do some 69 before he turns around to dump a healthy one off on her chest.  

Scene 5 - She is adorned in cheetah-patterned undies while licking cum up

Starring: Sakura Haruno


Description: Sakura Haruno is a giggly 20 year old with dark hair, white skin and a medium build. She is adorned in cheetah-patterned undies and a sexy black dress, which highlight her large natural rack. She is warming herself up to suck some cock with a big vibrator; which apparently works very very well. She attacks her man; first licking his entire body, and then stuffing his dick in her mouth as she stares straight into his eyes. She is proud of her sucking skills and is even more proud to lick up the creamy puddle he has left for her.  

Scene 6 - this maid serves up a slow and sloppy BJ with some spit

Starring: Airi Matsubara


Description: Airi Matsubara is a baby-faced, super-cute 19 year old, who is dressed up in a maid costume as she plays with her boyfriends cock and balls. She is slender with a perfect body and small puffy brown nipples; anybodys dream maid. She serves up a slow and slurpy Fera (blowjob), and she even spits a bit on his main entree before sucking up a creamy protein desert all on her own. She is happy when her boss is happy.  

Scene 7 - she is naughty as she sucks, deep throats and begs for man cum

Starring: Yu Izawa


Description: Yu Izawa is an extremely sexy 23 year old J-lady who gets an A+++ grade when it comes to sucking cock. She talks dirty and moves her bodacious body in a very sexy way. She is a naughty girl who derives pleasure for herself as she sucks, deep throats and begs for some man cum. This girl knows how to communicate with a penis well and has all the right moves that earn her a huge load to suck up in her mouth.  

Scene 8 - her crossed eyes create a sexy appeal to her when sucking

Starring: Miyuki Taniguchi


Description: Miyuki Taniguchi is a pretty young thing wearing a see-through white leotard. She has beautiful skin, pretty body, and a set of cross-eyes; which create a sort of strange sex appeal about her- especially when sucking cock. She crams an entire cock in her mouth enroute to a very sexy, and very deep blowjob. She twists the cock around in her mouth and uses no hands as she stares cross-eyed into the camera. He shoots an epic load in her mouth which dribbles out to form the perfect "cross-eyed cum beard."  

Scene 9 - her nipples look ready to feed an army

Starring: Minami Karasawa


Description: Minami Karasawa is 4-5 months pregnant, and it is obvious. Although only 20, her tittees are puffy and her nipples look ready to feed an army. Pregnant or not, drop a cock in her face and this girl knows what to do with it. She is like a Japanese leach who clamps on to something and refuses to let go until every last drop of semen has drained into her mouth.  

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