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Latina Hoodrat Auditions #2

Studio: Third World Media, Joe Pusher

Release Date: 11/05/12

Director: Joe Pusher

UPC Code: 718122135653


Some people claim to find first timers and many playas think they rule the pussy in the hood. But Joe Pusher puts all the other Hustlers to shame, as he goes another round of Latina Hoodrat Auditions. He is the only guy capable of finding these absolute first timers and within minutes gets these chicas naked and on their knees working their booties off for a taste of Joes cum.

Valerie is from LA. She is super cute, 18 with a pierced lip and tongue and she has never been on camera ever before. She is tiny, yet she has a nice latina booty. She came ready to audition and suck some cock. Joes giant white monster is a little big for her mouth but she works it hard, strips naked and eventually backs her bald beaver straight onto his stiff ride. Her pussy lips swell as they gobble up his cock and her tight tummy tightens as she preps for her first face-full of cum blasted up and down her dome piece. 

Lisa is a super tiny and very cute Latina who Joe meets in the mall. He takes her to his car and runs her through her very first audition ever. She bobs her head up and down on his cock, sucking his big dick in the front seat of his Lexus. She goes real deep and bangs his shit hard and fast and swallows a huge Pusher load after swishing it around in her mouth for a bit. 

Katrina Cortez is a thick skinned Latina with a chubby butt and perky tits with large brown puffy nipples. She drops to her knees and stares into the camera as she slow sucks Joes cock. Deep and slow and with her tongue actively involved, she sucks nut, jerks bird and takes a massive face load of Joes cum. 

Kanela is a tiny round Latina from LA. She is only 20 years old and 5 Feet 2 Inches tall, but her ass is hard and round and her appetite is endless for the large white cock she has been served. She works it over real well on her knees and pretty good with a deep ghetto bend from the hips. She lays back and ask for it on her face as she puckers her juicy lips and lets Joe paint her pretty face white.

Katie Diaz is from Glendale California and is 22 years old. She looks a little Asian but is true blooded hispanic who is tall and very pretty. She wants a job and is proud of her cock sucking skills and resume. She will suck or fuck her way for success and readily admits she is a cock sucking whore. She lays in wait for a massive cum dumping that hits her eyes and paints her forehead. 

Cherry Sweet and Dream Sweet are both from Vegas and they are best friends. They came to visit Joe to do their first video ever. They both get naked and start to lick each others pussies before they both attack Joes dick at once. One sucks nut while other knobs his head. These chicks are nasty and super tight too, as one lays back and gives her pussy up to Joe while the other girls licks his sweaty nuts clean. Joe pumps them both hard and strong, laying every bit of his heavyweight body into it. He offers each girl half and half of his cum and a cum swap opportunity. THey share the wad before both swallow their own bunch. 

Directed by Joe Pusher Americas #1 Hustler

length: 101 minutes

Tags: joe pusher, latina hoodrat auditions 2

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