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Latina Hoodrat Auditions

Studio: Third World Media, Joe Pusher

Release Date: 08/06/12

Director: Joe Pusher

UPC Code: 18122136353


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When your name is Joe Pusher, playin with Latina Hoodrats is just another hobby. But no one better than Joe, knows how to find the freshest hoodrats in the entire LA barrio.

*Blair* is from Santa Monica and is only 18. She has never been filmed before and is as cute of a hoodrat as they come. She is giggly and horny and her body is thick and her tits are puffy, perky and pointy. Her nipples stand erect on her pfffed up areola. Her thick thighs and rump are luscious and her mouth is hot and hungry for Joes giant pinga. She peals his skin back and stares into the camera as she goes to town on it, before backing her shit up onto Joes beef and fucking his cock with her hungry hole. She pulls it out, sucks on it more and finally takes Joes load straight into her mouth.

*Candace Nicole* is short, round and very cute. She is only 5 feet tall with a pierced lip and perfect round titties. Joe handles the initial inspection of her tits and ass, as well as her perfectly puffed up pussetta. She drops to her knees to pay homage with her mouth to the big dick on Mr. Pusher. She stares into the camera with her pretty eyes before backing up her tight puss onto Joes ride. He pounds her from behind then pulls it out and fucks her face till he blasts one straight down her throat. The load is so big she gags on it and clams it up; shooting it out of her mouth and on all over the room.

*Coco Velvett* is a mixed exotic girl with a few tattoos, a slim skinny body and an IQ of somewhere around 60. Her ass is thick and Joe gets a smack or 2 in before she drops to her knees and sucks deeply on his massive cock. She sends a shout out to every hard cock around and continues to gnaw on his shaft ghetto style awaiting a large batch of pusher cum. She sucks it all out of cock before pooling it in a glass and then swallowing every last drop of it..

*Jazelle Belle* hails from San Diego and is a complete amateur first timer. She is 19 years old but looks even younger and has perfect little titties that are firm, pretty and pretty. She sucks cock as she drops to her knees and begs for Joes cum all over her pretty face. She licks sack too and earns her first on camera facial which coats her eyes, her forehead and all over her nose too. She has never seen a load so big as she is half blinded with jizz in her eye.

*Linda Gonzales* is a true hoodrat from top to bottom. This is her first time ever on camera. She has a little meat on her bones and a puffy set of nipple tips too. Her belly is slightly tubby and her butt is very round and her mouth is built for sucking up big weiners. She gets into ghetto position as she sucks and finally licks enough sack to earn her a massive mouthful of Joes jizz.

*Vicky* came to Joe to become a model and suck some dick on her way to stardum. She speaks with a European accent and sports a all natural body and an 18 year old teen face. She drops to her knees and goes at Joes cock with no hands to start. She then back her hairless fuck slice up onto his cock and rides his shaft hard. She pulls it out to taste the juices and then keeps sucking in search of a giant facial of Joes potent load. She is blinded with the cum and cannot open her eyes anymore.

Pussy to Mouth, all 100% Amateurs.

length: 104 minutes

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Tags: joe pusher, latina hoodrat auditions

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