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Japanese Whale Hunt

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 05/05/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026012

Models: Mirai Kuroki, Mu Minazuki, Natsuki, Sachiko


Japan has a long history of whaling. Whale meat has been consumed by many, including the Emperor himself for many centuries.

length: 144 minutes

Tags: japanese whale hunt

Scenes from Japanese Whale Hunt

Scene 1 - Japan's "Yokotuna" Sachiko is a white-skinned Beluga variety

Starring: Sachiko


Description: Sachiko is better known in Japan as "Yokotuna." Her nickname comes from sumo, but in actuality her ancestors came from the Pacific ocean. She comes from the white-skinned Beluga variety, with large deposits of blubber from her head, straight down to each fatty fin. She flops around on the bed like a fish out of water, sitting, rolling and crushing any object she can lay her massive body weight into. Her mammaries are huge and sag long and low, close to her stomach. No whale can go without food for long, as she gets her chubby fins on a super-sized Japanese bento (box lunch), to fuel her up for some marine mammal-like copulation. With minimal chewing, she nearly inhales the entire meal, before a skinny fish comes in to try to tame her appetite. She lays like a beached whale with sloppy pubic hair, while the skinny fish ponders where to begin. There is a lot of ground to cover, so he wisely begins by feeding her a taste of his male reproductive organ. Like a baby minnow swimming in and out of a Belugas mouth, she hardly has to open to swallow him whole. Lots of lard hides her very dark, moist and hairy hole. She is ready and waiting, as he works his hardest to find her fuck hole. He finally gets it, banging her from behind, as her rolls of blubber sway in rhythm with her quadruple stomachs. Tension starts to build, but she tires a bit, and like a good mother whale, lets the little fish do all the work. She moans and groans a bit, but is mostly motionless, other than the jiggling of her thick body meat. He gives her a workout she hasnt had in quite some time, and offloads a big one all over her mammoth mid-section. She sucks his cock dry to make no waste of his potent droppings.  

Scene 2 - over 200 pounds of grade A Japanese blubber

Starring: Mu Minazuki


Description: Mu Minazuki is a young and bubbly whale, who is still very much in her wild and experimental years. She has yet to lose her baby fat, and she laughs, giggles and squeaks very nicely. She is plump with huge tits, and boasts an appetite most larger whales could not match. She isnt shy about her eating habits either and boasts about the loads of meat she can devour. She is smaller in size, yet weighing in at over 200 pounds of grade A Japanese blubber. She pigs out, all while giggling and laughing a lot. She prefers fat guys who will spank her around a bit, but today she gets the exact opposite from a 92 pound slim one named, Skinny Yamamoto. He manhandles her big boobies and fingers her hairy hole. Her body is hyper sensitive and she screams and jitters with the slightest of stimulation. Her hole is flesh pink inside and filled with sticky goop. She squeaks in high pitched whale chatter. She begs for a vibrator in her pussy and gets off hard once she gets it. He slaps her whale blubber butt around a bit, continuing to feed her hungry and very eager pussy the vibrator. She is very loud and vocal, just like a young fish out of water for the first time. She jitters, tremors and shakes violently as she cums over and over again. Her appetite is back, only this time for some cock in her mouth. She slobbers all over his dick, just like it was the nipple from a mommy whale. This sea mammal is as horny as they come, and needs no coaxing to use her big jugs to titty fuck him too. He barebacks this whale cub in mish, as her boobs and belly bounce all around. He gets her in doggie and slaps her ass for being such an undisciplined baby. She begs for more cock and he gives her what she wants, offloading some seed on her massive tit and then shoving his big dick deep down her throat. This baby whale is all worn out and needs a nap.  

Scene 3 - the biggest catch of the season, a massive humpback

Starring: Natsuki


Description: Natsuki is the biggest catch of the entire season. She is a massive humpback species, the largest inhabitant to our oceans. She is very strong too, as she destroys cardboard fishing boxes and grapples with the two fishermen who reeled her in. They are no match for her power, as she smothers one by sitting on his face and buries the other ones head between her giant-sized tits. These guys know she is a once in a lifetime catch, as one devours her lard filled ass while the other hones out her deep dark vaginal hole. The 2 guys combined, however dont equal half of her total weight. One guy fucks while the other gets a little suck, as she shows no mercy on either of them. She takes the top position and nearly suffocates the two with her sheer weight and globs of blubber. One guy decides to impregnate this beached whale with a cream pie, before his captain follows suit with a creampie of his own. She isnt done yet, as she heads back to the first guys cock and sucks him to a second orgasm, only this time it fills her perpetually hungry oral orifice.  

Scene 4 - she is still a little whale in training.

Starring: Mirai Kuroki


Description: Mirai Kuroki is so young and cute. Not long removed from her mothers womb, she is still a little whale in training. Her skin is soft and milky white and her ass is big enough to hang a billboard from. The fisherman who brought her to land has decided to test her out a bit. She slowly licks and caresses his manhood, as she hovers over him with her huge boobs and stomach drooping in his face. He takes a lick of his fresh catch and then uses his meat thermometer to check out her inner temperature. She starts to heat up as he grinds a little harder through her thick inner walls. He pulls out to explore her big boobs a bit, as she titty fucks and then sucks this fisherman to a final orgasm.  

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