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Japanese Cougars Gone Wild

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 12/15/08

UPC Code: 822447026333

Models: Yuko, Yukari Yukari, Sayori Mizusawa, Risako Shirai

Series: Japanese Cougars Gone Wild Series


Older ladies or "Cougars" as they are known, are hot stuff! They spread their potent scent, looking for a young and strong mate

length: 134 minutes

Tags: japanese cougars gone wild 1

Scenes from Japanese Cougars Gone Wild

Scene 1 - she warms her furry fuck box as her order arrives

Starring: Risako Shirai


Description: Risako is our Japanese Cover Cougar. She is 44 years old, but has kept her fur soft and her skin smooth over the years. She is at home, scouring the Internet for a fresh catch to lick and devour. She is wearing a red see through nightie, as her very large teats perk to life with every thought of the young college boy she just ordered up. She rubs her meaty hole and warms her furry fuck box as her order arrives. He gets her body temperature climbing even higher as her vaginal sap starts to flow. She grabs onto his cock like a piece of raw liver and starts sucking and licking away. Her huge mummeries bounce as his stiff shaft penetrates her seldom used love hole. He slams this pussys pussy around, as the room heats up and he gets ready to pull out and cum on her thick and very juicy erect nipple tips. She laps up all the extra cum, just like a good cat should.  

Scene 2 - She purrs as she sucks his sack and licks her way to his ass

Starring: Sayori Mizusawa


Description: Sayori is 42 years old and works for an escort agency. Her customer today is a younger gentleman who has a thing for older women. He awaits her arrival and is surprised to see a Cougar as cute as Sayori. She looks like a doll and quickly changes into her pink nightie. She hops on top and licks his neck and ears, slowly moving with quiet and precise movements southbound to his nipples and awaiting shaft. She purrs as she sucks his sack and licks her way down to his asshole as well. She reams his anus as his mood relaxes and he lets a huge fart out right in her face. He apologizes and she eventually forgives him for his manners, as he rubs her thick tits and massages her naturally oiled clitoris. He licks her ass as well, only this time without any farting. He spreads her pink and chews it out, before she titty fucks his cock and then hops on for a ride. This cougar is from the wild for sure, as her bikini lined buttox rides his meat and sucks his hog up in multiple positions. Her boobs shake around as her body goes limp and he works up a fat, milky one in this hungry felines mouth. She takes a catnap with his cum glued to her lips...  

Scene 3 - she is looking for a young stud to fill her wild fantasies

Starring: Yukari Yukari


Description: Yukari is an extremely healthy 41-year-old with huge natural tits. She is calling her regular escort agency, looking for a young stud to fill her wild fantasy. A young, tall and skinny dude makes his way over to milk this big titted mama. Her furry hole and bright pink slice are spreading her cougar scent around the room, as he chows down on her deep hole. She returns the favor by licking his body down, sucking his tits and working over his hard dong. She spits on his tip and titty fucks his whanker almost to the point of orgasm. This cougar carries a couple of extra pounds around, but wears it very well. Her fuck chamber is filled with squirt that he gushes around, before some 69 and a hard pussy banging. Her extra baggage jiggles, as her big tits bounce and she begs this young stud for even more. He gives it to her good and works her heart rate up high, as he pulls out and feeds her every last bit of his potent reproductive potion. She is thankful for a taste and promises to have this young stud back again.  

Scene 4 - she feeds Mr. Abe her fried egg shaped titties

Starring: Yuko


Description: Yuko is 47, yet very skinny and pretty too. She is caught up in the current trend of older women who like younger guys. Mr. Abe likes his women older and calls in Yuko. She is a mom, with 3 little kittens, yet she looks just like a fresh feline herself. She changes into lingerie and feeds Abe her fried egg shaped titties. He sucks away at her nipples and she nearly cums from the arousal. Her nipples perk up and point to the sky, as he spreads her legs and tastes her motherly juices. He grabs a huge vibrator to use on her, which she can not handle for too long before cumming over and over again. She slurps and sucks his wiener as if there is no tomorrow. She drools and spits on it, rubbing and stroking away. She licks out his hairy anus and then lies back, as he splits her 47-year-old vagina. He works her skinny frame over good, as her pancake tits twist and turn with every pump. He builds up for a juicy cumshaw, which he lands in her cum-hungry cougar mouth.  

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