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Italian Transsexual job #7

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/06/11

Director: Gia Darling

UPC Code: 822447036240

Models: Alessandra, Fernanda Morrenna, Alice, Renata

Series: talian Transsexual Job series


Italians tend to be very trendy people who are well in touch with the latest fashion and fully in sync with modern social trends. The same can be said of Italian transsexuals, many of whom are ahead of the curve and actually creating trends not yet seen by the average person. Gia Darling has travelled the world and is quite trendy herself and comes back today to introduce us to some of her very favorite European T-chicks.

length: 126 minutes

Tags: big cock, big tit, chicks with dicks, italian transsexual job 7, ladyboy, shemale, tranny porn, tranny sex

Scenes from Italian Transsexual job #7

Scene 1 - Italian super model

Starring: Renata


Description: Renata is very tall with blond hair, big tits, perfect tan lines and super long legs. She is extremely stylish and could easily pass as an Italian runway super model. A slick Italian stud named Mario offers her a ride and a date in his bright yellow Italian made sports car. She towers over Mario in height, with her legs alone stretching half way up little Marios chest. He grabs hold of her giant dong, sucking it up and watching it expand in both length and girth. They do some 69 as he nearly chokes on her tool, as the upward curve to her rock hard shaft bottoms out midway down his esophagus. She mounts Marios bottom and drills away, ripping his tiny shitter open while anally feeding him nearly 10 inches of solid girl cock. She lays back and wraps her long legs behind her ears, anally swallowing Marios respectable ride. She strokes her shaft and drops a thick load of cum all over herself, before Mario sprays a big one up and down her chest. He pays her a little extra for all the fun he had.  

Scene 2 - What it takes to get the job

Starring: Alessandra


Description: Alessandra is looking for some work and is willing to do what it takes to earn some quick money. She is brunette, with large tits and dark sun tanned skin. She slowly strips from her clothes as a professional cameraman takes her pictures. Between her thick butt cheeks resides a chubby third member, which rapidly rises to the occasion. The photographer likes what he sees and offers her some extra money to let him suck on her wang for a bit. He deep throats her and gobbles up her nut bag too with lots of enthusiasm. He mounts her ass chute from behind, offering her a long and hard ride on his stiff pole. She fucks his face for a bit, then reams his ass with her tongue to prepare it for her cock. She gives him his moneys worth, tearing through his bung and making him cough up a small load on himself. She pulls out and feeds him a taste (ATM) of his own anus, before shooting off a healthy one straight into his mouth.  

Scene 3 - talking office sex to a new extreme - Euro style!

Starring: Alice


Description: Alice is Rudolfos secretary and has told him about a new girl she has recently met. She knows her boss is a pervert and calls in Graziella, so the 3 can all play in the office together. Graziella is dark skinned with big tits and a thick body. The 2 girls drop to their knees, sucking and gnawing at Rudys dick. One grabs nut while the other licks shaft, as Rudy truly enjoys all the attention he is getting. Alice has a real pussy, but her new friend Graziella is sportin something quite different between her legs. Alice sucks her rod, while Rudolfo pounds away at Alices cunt. Alice does double cock duty, cramming both shafts in her mouth, before taking Graziellas pole deep inside her hairy and hammered muff. Rudy gets a round i n on Graziellas anus, before the 3 get a DP going on Alice. Rudy smacks his cock on Graziellas face, as she prepares to drip a watery one on Alices right tit before Rudy launches a fatty across the 2 girls faces. They all kiss and swap cum as these filthy Italians figure out when they can rendevou again.  

Scene 4 - Hey Mario- say hello to Fernanda's juicy pepperoni

Starring: Fernanda Morrenna


Description: Fernanda meets up with Mario the midget who just loves shemales. They share some wine before sharing a taste of each others cocks. Mario is only half Fernandas size, yet he jumps all over her, sucking on her fat titties and preparing her ass for his giant hog. Fernanda has a Brazilian bunda, which Mario buries his face in while performing a rusty trombone solo on her. He pays homage to her shaft with his mouth, while fucking her face with his own long pole. Fernanda mounts little Mario and goes to work on his shitter, pumping it fast and hard. He seems to enjoy it a lot, as he rides her pepperoni for a long time, before mounting her and deep drudging a modern day canal all the way to Venice via her anus. She does some digging of her own, ta king one more stab at Marios muffin before blasting off a huge one all over her new boyfriend. He finishes her off with a huge mouthful, that pools and then streams down her face.  

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