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I Am Camera Shy #2

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 10/13/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026265

Models: Yuki, Sayaka, Rei, Yukari

Series: I Am Camera Shy series


am Camera Shy is a newer series from Third World Media. This second volume introduces us to 5 Brand New and very shy Japanese girls, who would normally prefer taking pictures than have their own taken!

length: 156 minutes

Tags: i am camera shy 2

Scenes from I Am Camera Shy #2

Scene 1 - long hair and a very "Genki" (happy) personality

Starring: Yuu


Description: Yuu (Cover Girl) is a young and very pretty girl with long hair and a very "Genki" (happy) personality. She is slim and very stylish, showing us her body as she changes into a maids costume for a round of "Cos-play" (Costume Play). She is interviewed about her sex life, before stripping off her costume and massaging her mostly untamed hooch. Her small breasts and perky nipples are highly stimulated and stand at attention She moans sweetly, yet quietly as our guy crams a Japanese vibrator in and out of her sappy fuck hole. She stares timidly into the camera, as she inhales his cock with her mouth. She spits on his tip and works it in, with highly coordinated lip and hand movements. Our guy lays her out and breaks skin, riding this little hottie out, squeaking and squealing her way to a creamy cumshots delivered on her flat, yet very perky tits.  

Scene 2 - a baby doll face and a wild untamed pussy

Starring: Rei


Description: Rei is not the kind a girl one would ever think would star in a porn movie. She has never even seen a porn, let alone star in one, and is very shy in front of our camera as she removes her clothes. She has a baby doll face and a wild untamed pussy. Her white milky skin is pretty, as her dark hair glistens next to her pink and ultra firm set of J-breasts. She twitches and shakes at every touch and lick of her nipple. She heats up quickly as a vibrator starts to stimulate her entire body. Her ultra furry bush starts to excrete J-juice as her flowery pussy lips begin to pucker. Her innocent and amateur nature does not stop her from licking some hairy man sack and a little man ass too. She jams her tongue up his ass good and long, before stuffing her pussy in his face for some 69. He fills her seldom used love hole with his cock; combining their pubic forests with enough dark hair to custom make several wigs. She is quite reserved with her eroticism, but manages to handle a sloppy load filling up her belly button.  

Scene 3 - very slim with raisin pointy nipples and white pretty skin

Starring: Yuki


Description: Yuki is a young girl, working in the Japanese apparel industry. She is young, very fashionable and cute, with bad, yet sexy teeth. She enjoys watching porn and decided she wanted to debut in one for herself. She is very giggly while admitting to having a number of sex friends. She watches some porn to get things going before showering to get ready for her first movie. She is very slim with raisin pointy nipples and white pretty skin. She soaps our guys sack and washes his cock thoroughly before working it over like a pro with her skilled tongue and mouth. She demonstrates how she gets herself off, fingering her naturally fuzzy hole with its fleshy pink center. She puts her tongue in his ass as she jerks his meat, readying things for a good hard fucking. They go through mish, RCG, doggie and mish again, before our guy lands a large one all over her flat mid section.  

Scene 4 - not necessarily the cutest but maybe the horniest

Starring: Sayaka


Description: Sayaka may not be the cutest new comer we have seen before, but she sure is one of the more horny ones. She takes a bath, showing off her slim body and small pretty tits. She cleans our guys cock, thoroughly before changing into a traditional Yukata and playing with our guys wang. She works his dick over well, slurping, sucking and stroking his shlong, mostly no handed. She screams and pants, as our guy licks and finger jams her hairy hole. He stuffs her furry pussy full of cock, that she rides ever so nicely, as her young, firm titties bounce up and down. She arches her back as he bends her over in doggie and stuffs it in again. They continue to fuck before he pulls out and lands a nice one, that clings tightly to her thick pubic bush.  

Scene 5 - very small girl standing at barely 4 foot nine

Starring: Yukari


Description: Yukari is a very small girl standing at barely 4 foot nine. She is young and a little dumb, but interested in all things sexual at this point in her life. She spreads her legs, trying out a vibrator on her young and inexperienced slice. Her breasts are young a fresh with very responsive nipple tips. Her body is cute with a few extra pounds in just the right places. She washes our mans cock in the shower, using her tongue to remove any excess soap. She spits on his cock, giggling as she tries some sexual things for the very first time. He warms her up by chowing her box out and stimulating her little tits. He jumps on top of her in mish and sticks it in, before she hops on top ssreaming and squealing with every pump of his hard Japanese piston. He fucks her hard, finally laying her out and cumming huge on her legs, bush and chunky little belly.  

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