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Hidden Camera Massage Scam

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 03/02/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026326

Models: Yuri yuri, Miki, Iori, Hitomi


Economic conditions in Japan have worsened in recent years, leading once reputable businesses down dark and evil pathways. One industry particularly affected by the recession, is the massage business.

length: 127 minutes

Tags: hidden camera massage scam

Scenes from Hidden Camera Massage Scam

Scene 1 - the doc prescribes a cream pie to help

Starring: Iori


Description: Iori is a young and very cute school girl who is not feeling well. She sees her doctor with the hope of some quick recovery. Little does she know that the docs office has been wired up with the latest in Japanese technology. The doctor gets Iori feeling much better very quick, as he warms her up, strips her down and prescribes a cream pie to help this young sexy, gullible teenager.  

Scene 2 - he works over her slightly pudgy physique

Starring: Yuri yuri


Description: Yuri is a student with lots of stress from her exams. She needs a massage to relieve the tension and she makes her way to our hi-tech doctors office. He works his magic- quick- stripping her down, massaging her breasts and working over her slightly pudgy physique. He positions her right where the cameras can catch the action. He uses the big vibe on her and progresses into a 3 way with her and 1 more doctor from the clinic. After sucking down one of the doctors potent loads, the other hops on her and fucks her hairy hole till he orgasms on her chubby belly.  

Scene 3 - prescription pain killer sprayed across her entire body

Starring: Hitomi


Description: Hitomi is a full figured J-girl with some lower back pain. Dr. Tanaka is on the case and ready to provide some urgent care. He starts by chowing down on her fuzzy slush box and making her stretch her back by sucking his cock. He positions her on all fours and crams her hole bareback. She feels much better now with some prescription pain killer sprayed across her entire body.  

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