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Her love is 2 guys whose own love is torn between themselves

Release Date: 10/20/08

UPC Code: 822447026272

Models: Arconjo, Alexandre Senna , Ana/Anna Bella


Anna Bella is small and very cute, with a baby face and dark brown hair. Her love is torn between 2 guys, whose own love is already torn between themselves. Arconjo is slim and white with tatoos, while his friend Alexandre is Latino with hard pecks and pierced nipples. Anna Bella runs the show, making Alexandre suck Arconjos cock, choking and gagging on it as he goes. Anna Bella has little problem sucking any cock, let alone these guys, as she demonstrates how cock sucking should really be done. They take turns chowing on her hairless snatcher, while the boys enjoy a little time sucking on each others cocks. Alex and Anna Bella share licks of Arconjos stick, before Alex jumps on bareback for a solid ass stuffin. Alexs ass may be full, but his cock is still stuffing Anna Bellas mouth just fine. Alex pulls Arconjos cock out of his own ass and puts it straight in his own mouth for a thorough ATM cleansing. They switch things up, as Alex gets his turn at Arconjos hairy bung. He grunts like a pig as Alex goes deep and Anna sucks his meat at the same time. Another round of ATM proceeds a choo-choo train fuck, with a little pussy to mouth too. From Alexs ass to Annas pussy, Arconjo does it all before the boys unload some large shots on top of little Anna as well as each other. They all kiss and shower each other clean before saying goodbye for now.

Tags: bi pole her 3

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