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Hardcore Workout

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 06/30/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026098

Models: Rika Kitano, Shizuka, Nozomi Onuki, Haruna Sakurai


Chocoball Mukai is a very well known Japanese porn actor who has his hands in many ventures. From Pro-wrestling and tv commercials to the gay bar he owns in Shinjuku, Choco, as his friends refer to him, is a pretty busy guy.

length: 160 minutes

Tags: hardcore workout

Scenes from Hardcore Workout

Scene 1 - hardcore_workout_1_hardcore_workout_1

Starring: Haruna Sakurai


Description: Cover Girl Haruna Sakurai is in pretty nice shape to begin with, but maintains her slim figure with frequent trips to Chocos gym. She is slender with medium length hair and a very inviting smile.  

Scene 2 - hardcore_workout_5_hardcore_workout_5

Starring: Rika Kitano, Shizuka, Nozomi Onuki, Haruna Sakurai


Description: Group Sex Scene- Ocassionally Choco likes to bring all his students together for a combined group session. Today is one of those days as Haruna, Rika, Nozomu, and Shizuka make it in for a very sweaty group workout.  

Scene 3 - hardcore_workout_4_hardcore_workout_4

Starring: Shizuka


Description: Shizuka is a government employee, working out of a local office near the gym. She is married, yet lonely and in definite need of an excersize program. She is cute, yet very, very shy and hardly says a peep throughout their entire session.  

Scene 4 - hardcore_workout_3_hardcore_workout_3

Starring: Nozomu Onuki


Description: Nozomu Onuki has not been to the gym in quite a while and it is starting to show. Choco is pissed, as the extra pounds she has gained, spill from her jumpsuit.  

Scene 5 - hardcore_workout_2_hardcore_workout_2

Starring: Rika Kitano


Description: Rika Kitano is a bubbly young nurse who stops by the gym every now and then for a private session with the man himself, Choco. Choco is a playa, and instead of training her, winds up having her give him a massage during the session.  

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