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Hairless Asian Clams

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 09/22/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026234

Models: Rika Kitano, Momo, Junko, Haruna Sakurai


Clam fishing is a time honored tradition on the Japanese archepelago; but few over the years have been fortunate enough to reel in the rarest catch of them all- The Hairless Asian Clam

length: 138 minutes

Tags: hairless asian clams

Scenes from Hairless Asian Clams

Scene 1 - Her most appealing feature is her cleanly shaven J-clam

Starring: Haruna Sakurai


Description: Haruna Sakurai (Cover Girl) is being interviewed by our cameraman. She discusses the first time she had sex and just how much she enjoys masterbating. She is very young and super cute, with small perky tits and a lovely smile. Her most appealing feature however, is her cleanly shaven Japanese clam. Our guy removes her white panties, displaying her rosie pink colored clam, that twitches when touched and secretes fluid when rubbed just right. Harunas clam and entire package is so pretty, our guy cant resist using a huge vibrator to stimulate her entire body. She moans and gorans as her hairless delicacy fills with juice. Some 69 quiets her up some, before she jumps on RCG for a slurpy ride. Her shell opens wide, swallowing his clam shaft, as her hand-sized butt cheeks slap his thighs. She lays back and rubs her hairless clit around, as he pounds her pussy, culminating in a huge cumshot on her very flat and very pretty tummy.  

Scene 2 - her rarest feature is the fully hairless, Japanese clam shell

Starring: Rika Kitano


Description: Rika Kitano is out to lunch with our cameraman before they head back to her apartment. She does her kitchen work in her panties with a mini t-shirt on. She wears high striped socks and is very happy to show off her body for our camera. She has a perfect set of large sized boobs, tight mid section, and a very round ass for a J-girl. But her rarest feature is the fully hairless, Japanese clam shell down between her legs. It has very thick lips with a dark center core. She is ultra sexy with her hairless hole pointing upward and her mouth glued to our guys cock. Her BJ skills are highly polished. She jumps on his cock and makes all the right moves, as she swings her hips with Latin percision. Her legs and fuck hole go to auto pilot as she rides his meat in many positions. Her clam secretes special Japanese tarter sauce, flavored just perfectly for the Asian palette. She cums over and over again as her shell continually sucks up cock. She screams, moans and finallly begs for a load of cum all over here midsection.  

Scene 3 - Junko has the largest nipples in all of Asia

Starring: Junko


Description: Junko is the ever popular starlette of previous Third World Media features including the Kimono Kronicles. Junko has the distinction of having the largest nipples in all of Asia. Like two candy bars, they stand erect from her inflated breasts. Her pussy has passed its prime, but because it comes from the Hairless Asian variety- it is still very much in desire and quite tasty too. Our man licks her yummy hole and eats her ass, driving her mad. He fingers her hole as she cums over and over again. Squirt begins to build inside her hairless vagina as she flips over to lick his stick. Years of sucking cock professionally has made Junko a pro, and she knows how to spit, lick between the ass and the balls, and slip a little finger into her mans butt. Her hairless shell spreads wide, yet remains tight as she lets our guy inside. Junko is a screamer and endless orgasmer who cums over and over again, as her nipples flap uncontrollably in the wind. Her small body tightens on his hard cock as he musters up a thick load, filling her belly button to the rim. Junko continues to have post coital orgams well after the sex is done.  

Scene 4 - hairless_asian_clams_4_hairless_asian_clams_4

Starring: Momo


Description: Momo is a young college student with a cute face, mini skirt and weird glasses which sort of adds to her appeal. She looks like a little doll who giggles and laughs a lot, particulary when she is showing off her hairless and very puffy shell fish.  

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