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Fresh Off The Boat #8

Studio: Asian Eyes

Release Date: 08/20/12

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447036943

Models: Alliyah Sky, Mika Sparx, Gina, Marika Hase

Series: Fresh Off The Boat series


The desire to stay in the USA will make regular girls do things that they might not otherwise do. For 2 girls from the Philippines, 1 from Japan and 1 from Mexico, whatever they gotta do to stay they are very willing to do!

length: 175 minutes

Directed by Ed "Homegrown" Hunter

Tags: fresh off the boat 8

Scenes from Fresh Off The Boat #8

Scene 1 - She is a tiny girl with a very pretty face, tight body and the most perfect set of round

Starring: Mika Sparx


Description: Mika Sparks hails from the Philippines. She is a tiny girl with a very pretty face, tight body and the most perfect set of round, puffy soft tits with extra large pink areola. She starts her inspection in Doctor Hunters office, who uses his red paws to quickly inspect the softness of her bosom and the depth of her vaginal hole. He uses his suction cups to attach to her tits which stretch and expand nicely, before he takes some precise measurements of her with his medical macro-meter. She fucks his dick with her pretty tits and he dispatches a load up and down her pretty bosom. She moves on for further inspection where she hits a road block because of poor attendance in her school. Her last chance attempt to stay includes rubbing her tits in his face, sucking his cock and feeding him her hairless Filipino fuck slice. She gets on a ll fours and takes it from behind, in spoon, RCG and cowgirl too; before succumbing to a massive cum dropping that coats her chest and her face too.  

Scene 2 - Marika Hase is fresh from Japan

Starring: Marika Hase


Description: Marika Hase is fresh from Japan. She is still ocean fresh and overflowing with warm sea water. Dr. Ed gets her unclothed and performs his ritual inspection on her. Her tits get vacuumed up into his suction cups and her nipples stretch into long imported tootsie rolls. He man handles her soft bosom with his red furry mitts and proceeds to cram his bright white cock in and out of her. LIttle time passes before he erupts with a large batch of cum that sprays across her tidy pubic patch. She heads onto the next inspector who discovers a nude picture of her in her file. That is a problem and she will have to convince the inspector to let her to stay. Her tits in his face and her slush filled slice in his mouth is a good start but this chick is gonna have to give up a whole lot more if she expects any special favors. The ins pector plunges out her sushi sack, which spills and spews loads of salty ocean water all over the room while her butthole puckers and she is rewarded with a thick cum dumping which fills her gaping fuck hole and paints her battered pussy white.  

Scene 3 - Her tits are smaller but have good hang-time and active stubby nipple stumps

Starring: Alliyah Sky


Description: Alliyah Sky hails from Mexico and is on time for her appointment with Dr. Hunter. Her tits are smaller but have good hang-time and active stubby nipple stumps. Dr. Hunter attached the suction cups and breaks out his macro-meter for some precise measurements of this immigrants dimensions. He gives her a poke check by cramming her fuck box for a quickie which results in a large bunch of semen getting tossed across her puffed up hairless imported vagina. She heads down the line for further inspection and realizes she will have to put some extra effort into getting her wish to stay here. She feeds her pussy to the inspector and then parks her bottom on his stiffie. She pulls it out and sucks away on it for a bit before jumping back on and riding it out till she gets a sprinkling of bright white jism across her tummy. She has earned h er keep.  

Scene 4 - She has shaven her pussy and has now undressed

Starring: Gina


Description: Gina is a Filipina and she is ready for her immigration inspection. She has shaven her pussy and has now undressed and is ready for Dr. Eds thorough probing. Suction cups, magnifying glass and a vaginal finger probing techniques are all employed, before an internal exam is performed using his red tipped penis. He barely penetrates her before launching off a watery one across her stomach. It is secondary inspection time and she has hit a snag with her visa renewal. The only way to resolve it is to spread her legs and get busy on the inspectors cock. She gobbles it with her mouth before swallowing it with her puffy slice and she handles it all the way up until the time he dumps on her right tit.  

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