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Fresh Off The Boat #2

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 05/11/09

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026616

Models: Mirai Haneda, Giselle Cole, Am, Camilla Bella

Series: Fresh Off The Boat Series


Best Pro-Am Series

As worldwide economic conditions worsen, it is getting easier and easier for Third World Media to find young, naive foreign hotties willing to fuck on film in hopes of gaining legal entry into our country... This latest bunch of green card chasers come from Japan, Brazil, Thailand and Colombia; with one of the girls so desperate to gain her legal status that she even fucks the infamous Shorty Mac!!

length: 135 minutes

Tags: fresh off the boat 2

Scenes from Fresh Off The Boat #2

Scene 1 - All American giant load on her pretty Brazilian titties

Starring: Camilla Bella


Description: Camilla Bella is fresh off the boat from Brazil, hungry and very eager to get her citizenship. She knows Camilla Bella is fresh off the boat from Brazil, hungry and very eager to get her citizenship. She knows American cock is how to fast track this process and this Brazilian hottie wastes no time pulling out her plump boobage, thick butt, and bald shaven Brazilian beaver. She may be in America now but sucks cock and fucks Brazilian animal style and even likes her big titties getting fucked too. She hops on her first American shaft in RCG and welcomes herself to this country by sucking up her new hubbies cock in multiple positions before begging for an All American giant load on her pretty Brazilian titties.  

Scene 2 - tiny Japanese girl with massive tits and a hungry hole

Starring: Mirai Haneda


Description: Mirai Haneda is a schoolgirl from Japan who has worn her school uniform all the way from Japan to here in the valley, in search of a man who will sponsor her stay here in town. She is a small and tiny girl, but with a thick body and massive tits for a tiny Japanese girl of her size. She wastes little time digging for penis and using her big tits to fuck the first ding dong she comes in contact with, Being well trained in the Japanese way, she also considers licking a mans ass another way to show appreciation to the locals. She gets a hard romping and welcome party to the US, as our white guy barebacks her J-hole, feeds her tastes of her wet J-sap off of his cock and slaps her around a bit before leaving her with a welcome to the USA gift all over her big tits and in her sweet Japanese mouth. "Delicious" is her first spoken english words.....  

Scene 3 - She is so desperate that even Don is an option for her

Starring: Am


Description: Am is from Thailand and is 21 years old. She is so desperate that even our camera man Don is an attractive option as a green card sponsor. She dances first and then strips down to toy for our boy Don, who orders up his hairy friend to test her commitment to a new life abroad. He works her tiny fuck hole up with a little oral licking before stroking her clitoris while bending her over and laying her out. She works hard for what she wants and eventually earns herself a small creamy one that may get her through the immigration line but not much farther than that.  

Scene 4 - she is not the most attractive recent immigrant

Starring: Giselle Cole


Description: Giselle Cole is from Colombia and knows with the reputation her country has, she must work even harder than the average slut. She studied English at home and came ready to get guys going crazy. Her ass is huge and so are her tits which are both pierced. This girl knows from looking around that she is not the most attractive recent immigrant to this country, so she must work even harder to prove her worthiness. In comes Shorty Mac- chief immigration officer and legal status revisionist who gave her the surprise of her American Dream with his bottle sized penis welcoming her to the good ol USA. Her Columbian mouth barely fits half of his dong inside and her pussy does not fair much better, as Shorty splits her legs in two and makes her pay the ultimate price for admission by spraying his jism all over her fat rack.  

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