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False Advertising

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 08/13/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025602

Models: Bianca Freire, Gleice Kelly, Vanessa Araujo, Suzy Gleyce

Series: False Advertising series


"Caveat Emptor" or "May the buyer beware" is the axiom or €principle in commerce that the buyer alone is responsible for €assessing the legitimacy and contents of a purchase prior to buying.

With a title named False Advertising; Third World Medias latest release should sound a perverbial alarm in both the ears and the eyes of any keen buyer. What you see may not always be what you receive! Case in point-€On the cover is a beautiful girl, every mans dream date. But look a little closer. Turn it over, Flip it around. The perceptive buyer may notice that the Cover "Girl" is packing a little more baggage than some less aware consumers may expect.

length: 180 minutes

Tags: chicks with dicks, false advertising 1

Scenes from False Advertising

Scene 1 - white skin, tall slender body, puffy natural titties,juicy ass

Starring: Bianca Freire


Description: Bianca Freire is that beautiful Cover "Girl." She is 20 years old, with white skin, tall slender body, puffy natural titties, and a nice juicy ass. She is 100% passable as a girl, until that inquisitive buyer turns her around and takes note of a 6 inch cock dangling between her legs. Lately she has been spending time with a B-rate movie director who is stressed over the very poor quality of a scene he recently shot. She helps calm his nerves by cramming his 11 inch cock deep down her throat. Her BJ skills are polished and she knows how to take care of the boys well too. He bends her over a lounge chair and eats out her ass, spits in it, and then crams 3 fingers deep inside her hungry anus. This director has a major foot fetish, and Bianca has some very pretty feet lick and toes to suck on. He fucks her ass hard and goes stress-free with the winning cum shot all over her puffy young hormonal nipples.  

Scene 2 - Suzy Gleyce is somewhat of a dominatrix type.

Starring: Suzy Gleyce


Description: Suzy Gleyce is somewhat of a dominatrix type. She has long dark hair and wears a short leather skirt and high black boots. She has big tits and very long legs that lead northbound to a 6 inch uncut cock attached to a tiny shaved nutsack. She has been asked to participate in a test shoot today where she will be the main star. She sucks the cameramans cock and nuts and then jams her own fingers up her ass before licking them clean. The cameraman knows this is going to be a hot shoot, so he follows suit by sticking his thumb up her anal orifice and then allowing her the pleasure of sucking on it. He fucks her ass with his hard black 11 incher and slaps her ass around in a futile attempt to instill some reality-based discipline into the scene. He knows where the money shot should be and places a huge one right on her big tits.  

Scene 3 - a busty blonde with tight body and nice bikini tan lines

Starring: Vanessa Araujo


Description: Vanessa Araujo is 25 years old and has benefited greatly from her years of experience on the streets of Rio. She is a busty blonde with tight body and nice bikini tan lines. She has been called in to do an audition for an upcoming movie. The actor likes her type a lot and wastes no time spitting in her ass and shoving 3 fingers in there as well. She really wants the job and shows him how she can easily input 4 fingers in her giant asshole. He comes back with 4 fingers of his own followed by 3 toes up her ass as well!! The fun is far from done, as he jams his fat cock in her mouth and throat fucks this horny tranny before bending her over and pile driving her ass. Her 7 inch rock hard cock flops around as he pulls out, spits in her ass one more time before cumming all over her face. She shows her desire to finish a job off by giving up a large load of her own all over her sculpted belly.  

Scene 4 - big bubble butt, a rock hard 8 inch cock and a pretty face too


Description: Gleice Kelly is 20 years old and very exotic looking. She has golden brown skin and a pretty face. She also has a big bubble butt and a rock hard 8 inch cock between her legs. Her big tits are loaded with milk that she proudly offers up to anyone who would like a taste. She is wearing red lingerie and lying in bed as her man oils her body. He has to stop as he gets to her stiff cock to suck on it. He then eats her suntanned ass as she moans in pleasure. Her shaved cock is always rock hard as this horny girl first gets fucked and then decides to do some fucking of her own. She looks just like a lady but she sure can fuck like a man as she bends homeboy over and rams his skinny butt long and hard. She pulls out to cum all over his pale ass and he is glad to reciprocate the favor by blowing a nice one of his own across her golden buttocks.  

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