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Chopstick Chowdown

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 10/01/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025664

Models: Minami Karasawa, Ami Natsukawa, Sakura Haruno, Airi Matsubara, Arisa Niiyama


Sushi may be the food that Japan is best known for, however it is far from the only dish this confectionery consumed culture has to offer. Yakitori, Soba, Okonomiyaki, Shabu Shabu; the list of traditional foods goes on and on.

length: 174 minutes

Tags: chopstick chowdown

Scenes from Chopstick Chowdown

Scene 1 - He lays his salmon all over her yellowtail and dips his albacore

Starring: Airi Matsubara


Description: Airi is our pretty young Cover Girl. Merely 20 years old, she meets her boyfriend today and heads to a hotel for some fun. Along the way she stops to flash her little pussy at the oncoming passenger train. They get to their room and order up some sushi for dinner. He nods off while they wait, and starts to dream of her delivering their sushi order in a very revealing maid/hostess costume. He lays his salmon all over her yellowtail and dips his albacore in her secret sauce for some added fishy flavor. She lays a piece of raw tuna on his cock and sucks all the juices thoroughly from both items. Her nipples are small and very sensitive to the touch and her tiny pussy is bright pink inside, resembling a piece of fatty tuna. No soy sauce needed for her; she is sopping wet and his rotary powered dildo only serves to build up even more squirt which eventually finds it way all over the sheets. He rams his hard mackarel in and out of her saucy abalone before spreading some special sauce of his own all over her mid-section. He awakens from his dream realizing he is late for work and must hurry... oh how his "little hostess with the mostess" was heart broken......  

Scene 2 - She spreads her legs, exposing her raw liver resembling vagina

Starring: Arisa Niiyama


Description: Arisa is an all natural, 20 year old girl with a healthy set of boobies. She has a particularly pretty smile with two sexy hang teeth. She loves Okonomiyaki- or Japanese pan-fried pancake with any combination of yummy stuff you like mixed in. She giggles a lot as she cooks the food at a traditional restaurant. She is a very skilled chef and is proud to show off her Yakisoba noodle sucking techniques as well. They head to her room where she strips down to show off her milky white skin, big boobs and furry muffy muff. She spreads her legs, exposing her raw liver colored vagina. Food does define a person, and perhaps this girl should have eaten some more seafood with her lunch... Her dark hole is very wet and filled with squirt, just bursting to come out. It does, and in super large quantities too. He fucks her mouth, which she seems to enjoy, and then barebacks her very long and hard as she screams and her big titties bounce all around. He pulls out to offload on her chest and she licks his fat stick clean.  

Scene 3 - she pounds beers and sucks yakitori skewers like a pro

Starring: Ami Natsukawa


Description: Ami is a tiny 18 year old girl who weighs only 97 lbs. That does not stop this teenager from pounding beers, as she sucks on some Yakitori skewers. She is very quiet and respectful while her boyfriend introduces her to some of the stranger foods the Japanese have to offer. Liver, eel, intestines and other organs are all quietly consumed and washed down with cold swigs of beer. They get to their room and shower before getting into bed. She is very skinny, with a well defined rib cage, pronounced raisin tipped nipples, and a furry bush. She licks his whole body, including his cock and balls, very slow and sexy. He pulls out an electric drill with a dildo on the end to impress her, only to have the batteries die as soon as he gets it going... They fuck and she moans and wines in quiet and reserved pleasure. He pulls out and launches a monster cumshot all over her chest. His load is an attestment to all the weird, yet potent food they ate for lunch.. They both break out laughing as she cleans up all the residual with her mouth.  

Scene 4 - she gets drunk and twists pork balls around in her mouth

Starring: Sakura Haruno


Description: Sakura is a 22 year old girl with dark hair, white skin, and big natural tits and hips. She is on the street waiting to meet a guy she has been chatting with online. They decide to go to a pork barbecue restaurant. She slams beer after beer and pork skewer after pork skewer, before turning to sake mixed with milk. This odd combination probably had something to do with the large rack this girl is hauling around... She gets drunker and drunker, and hornier and hornier, before twisting a set of pork balls around in her mouth for the entire restaurant to see. Back in their hotel, she gets the opportunity to practice on a real set of balls. She is skilled with her mouth, for not only eating, but for sucking cock as well. He breaks out a big vibrator to build up some squirt, and then extracts it from her hair laden fleshy hole. They go bareback very hard before he cums on her large rack. She of course licks up every last drop of protein; as if she did not have enough already with dinner...  

Scene 5 - this girl really knows how to slurp her noodles

Starring: Minami Karasawa


Description: Minami is a super dumb, yet cute 22 year old Harajuku girl. Her and her younger boyfriend are very stylish people. She has big sunglasses and a modern day hat. They stop at a local shrine to bless themselves before heading to a Soba shop to suck down some cold noodles. In Japan, the louder the slurping the better, and this girl really knows how to slurp her noodles. Loud and proud they both suck, before leaving the restaurant and heading outside to play. She pulls down his pants, and he pulls up her shirt as they get it on behind the Soba shop. They find an open storage room next door and head in there to continue. Her younger boyfriend is rather well endowed and she continues her noodle slurping and sucking on his single fat one. She crams it all down her throat. He munches on her wet hole a bit as her clit and pussy start to inflate. They fuck on an old sofa and he cums on her stomach. They kiss and hold eachother to celebrate a healthy meal and their love for eachother.  

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