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Canada T-Girls

Studio: Third World Media, Grooby Productions

Release Date: 12/17/12

Director: Kevin Dong

UPC Code: 822447028030

Models: Danika Dreamz, Dita Dior, Sumaya I, Angee Diamond, Sweet Valerie


The Northern part of the North American continent is the peaceful and quiet home to Canada; where ice hockey, maple syrup and socialized medicine is the norm. But, little did we know, that amongst its 35 million residents, hides a healthy contingent of Canadian T- girls. For many this discovery will add something other than moose humping to the itineraries of foreign travelers to Canada.

Angee Diamond may be Canadian but she got a sun tan more like a South American. She has golden skin tone, long black hair and big juicy tits. Her ass is fat and her ding dong is stiff and eager for some action. He taps her ass while she massages her own nut-sack. Her Canadian bacon gets hard and crispy fast, as her suntanned Canadian bunghole gobbles up the cock she is anally fed. She drops to her knees and swallows the entire load she is served.

Danika Dreamz is tall and very slender. She has pale white skin and super long legs. Her tits are large and pretty while her Canadian pork chop is well trimmed, fat free and prime cut. Her new American man friend Christian sucks her pole before splitting her ass with his fatty. She takes it long, hard and deep and does some ATM too, before self gagging herself on Christians cock and riding his pony till she shoots off a bright white Canadian clinger. She eats an entire mouthful of Christians cum.

Dita Dior has short blonde hair, fair skin, a tight and tiny ass and an incredible appetite for man cock. She nearly destroys the tip of Christians dick as she sucks, slaps, nibbles, gags and devours his shaft from south of her border. She moans and groans and asks for even more, as her tiny twig lays nearly lifeless above her scrotum. She loves the pumpin Christians givin and can not wait to get her face painted with a healthy batch of his cum.... 

Sumaya is super tall with darker skin and long long legs. She resembles a super model and has come for a photo shoot. Not many girls in Canada are shaped like Sumaya and this dark giant most certainly stands out in the average Canadian hockey rink. She bribes the cameraman to shoot her pictures by dropping to her knees and sucking up his cock before bending from the hips opening wide to take his large imported penis deep inside her Canadian ass tunnel. He pulls out and feeds her ample servings of her ass juice off of his shaft before she strokes and twists and spins her cock all around, earning a fat mouthful of jism. 

Danika Dreamz and her friend Sweet Valarie come to Christian with a birthday present; a 3 way for him and these 2 super hot Canadian T-Girls. These white T-Girls are soft and silk, with milky white skin and pink tipped Canadian bacon between their legs. Cocks start dropping, blood starts flowing, tongues start licking and asses start to get tapped. Danikas tranny friend fucks her while she puts a spit shine on Christians cock. Christian bends over and gives some anal access to one of his new tranny friends while the 2 girls make out. Christian and Danikas friend then double anal her, before they lay him out again and airtight him. He takes one Canadian T load on his shaft while the other fills his mouth. He deposits a thick one on his own stomach before the girls lick it all up.

starring: Angee Diamond, Danika Dreamz, Dita Dior, Sumaya

length: 70 minutes

Tags: angee diamond, blond, blonde, canada t girls, chicks with dicks, ladyboy porn, tranny porn, tranny sex

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