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Cum Inside My Kimono

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 02/28/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025336

Models: Misako Shimizu, Rinko Nomiya, Ruka Yamato


Ruka Yamato - (Cover Girl) 40 years old with pretty dark eyes, soft silky skin, and lactate squirting mommy tatas.

length: 117 minutes

Tags: cum inside my kimono, japanese, kimono, milf

Scenes from Cum Inside My Kimono

Scene 1 - All cock is good cock for this Mommy gone Wild

Starring: Ruka Yamato


Description: Ruka Yamato spreads her Kimono and graces our box cover. Most would not believe that this sexy mama-san is 40 years old! She is very pretty and very nicely preserved, with firm breasts and a beautiful body. She has recently divorced, which has triggered a major change in this formerly conservative housewife. It is no holds bar for this Mommy now; she loves drinking with her girlfriends and pickin up guys for group sex. She likes getting her ass smacked around and does not mind some S&M either. All cock is good cock for this Mommy gone Wild, and today a door to door insurance mans dreams cum true as she invites him in to "discuss her insurance needs." Her big new vibrator may need some insuring as she crams it deep inside her dripping wet muffy muff. Her perfect breasts are also a prized possession, as they excrete mommy-milk all over this lucky insurance agents face. He initiates a "hard" appraisal of her inner anatomy, and leaves his quote in BOLD creamy print splattered across her face.  

Scene 2 - a male intruder dressed in a tiger costume is in her home

Starring: Misako Shimizu


Description: Misako Shimizu is an elegant older Asian woman. She is very pretty, very thin and looks much younger than her 41 years. She has been married for 10 years and is completely frustrated with her non-existent love life. She comes home today to find a male intruder dressed in a tiger costume (wacky Japanese hiding in her home. His feline instincts kick in as he smells that bitch in heat. He licks her all over as she quickly succumbs to his prowess. Her wild, untamed portal creams up fast as she screams like a stray cat at night, and cums over and over and over again.  

Scene 3 - her hot pink carnation and a taste of her sticky, gooey sap

Starring: Rinko Nomiya


Description: Rinko Nomiya is a 44 year old Ikebana (flower arranging) instructor. She encourages her young student to express more of his "male side" within his flower arrangements. He takes that literally, and starts by re-arranging her flower patterned Kimono inside out, followed by a bees-eye view of her hot pink carnation and a taste of her sticky, gooey sap. He locks her legs behind her head, in preparation for his special "Ichirin Zashi" (single flower arrangement); aka- a big fat dildo planted deep inside her nutrient enhanced flower pot. No flower grows without pollination, and from the sound and smell of things, we are likely to see an entire garden blossom very soon.  

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