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Amy Daly The Translesbian

Studio: Third World Media, Grooby Productions

Release Date: 12/13/10

Director: Buddy Wood

UPC Code: 822447027682

Models: Hazel Tucker, Kimberly Kills, Amy Daly, Bee Armitage


Amy Daly likes girls a lot. In fact, she is infatuated with them. But Amy is not just your normal everyday kind-of girl; she is a TransLesbian, and so are all of her girlfriends. With lovely lady looks and solid girl cocks between their legs, these lesbos really know how to spice up an all girl party. 

Amy Daly and Kimberly Kills met each other at a club the other night. They scheduled a date to get to know each other even better. Amy is small and all natural tits are slightly larger than Kimberlys. Her hairless penis also checks in at a size or two meatier and thicker than her new friend. There is a lot of stiff cock at this lesbo gathering and a healthy round of 69 is in store. Kimberly gets a stab at Amys ass first, splitting her bright white butt cheeks, pulling her hair and pounding her pimple painted ass. She grabs her wild turkey style, before the 2 mutually jerk their birds and the cameraman shoves 4 fingers from each hand up Kims ass. 

Amy shows us around her house and offers up a few cacktails. She gets drunk and quickly peels off her shirt to show us her all natural tits. Its not long before the rest of her clothes are off and she is yanking her frank in the kitchen while sucking down a rum and coke. Her butthole puckers and her anal acne glistens, as she strokes away spread eagle style on the kitchen counter.

Amy and Hazel Tucker just enjoyed some lunch and are now ready to enjoy each other as desert. They get naked and start to kiss. They both have hormonal tits with puffy budding nipples and stealthy shlongs. They slobber on each other genitalia in 69, before Hazel fucks Amys face and then crams her ass. She begs for a hard fucking and earns herself a tiny cum dribble from her new friend. 

Amys out of school early and looking forward to going home and jacking off. Her school girl dress hides her pudgy wang before she removes it and starts to tug. She strokes, fondles and moans and finally barely musters up a small soupy one. 

Amy and Hazel and Bee Armitage are playing cards. They are gambling for some private time with Bee, and Hazel wins. They hit the bedroom, as Amy looks on from afar, stroking her salami as she watches the two get it on. Bee blows a batch and then leaves Hazel for Amy, as these 2 start to get nasty on the sofa. Bee gets hard and stays hard long, as her mega sized chubby pokes at Amys mouth. Bee blows big on Amys chest, making it her second orgasm in a very short amount of time. 

Amy has had her eye on her new neighbor Mandy. Mandy is very tall, white and slim, with dark hair and long legs. She strips Amy down and sucks her penis up and down and in and out of her mouth. Mandy has a slightly mangled, yet rock-hard wiener, with a high hooking curve and a torn-up tip. She spits in and then eats out Amys ass, prying her dick back from behind and shoving a finger up her asshole. The party is just getting started as another friend, Juliette Stray, stops in to take part in a 3 way. She is a freckle faced red head who deep throats Amys cock, nearly gagging on it and her ball bag too. Juliette has huge tits, massive aureola and freckles all over her body. Amy man handles her hog, before the 3 get back together for some real nasty Translesbian shit. A huge vibrator fills her ass, before 2 cocks cram her mouth and then one dick after the next pen etrate her shitter. Amy gets down on the bottom and gets it from one while the other fucks her mouth. The 3 are very happy that they are neighbors. 

Amy Daly is a Translesbian- (Transsexual Lesbians)!!! 4 Finger Anal Club!! All Natural Tiny Tit Club !!! Solid Girl Cocks, Tranny 69, All- Natural Hormonal Tits, Schoolgirl Amy, Trailers Slide Show

length: 115 minutes

Tags: buddy woods - amy daly the translesbian, chicks with dicks

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