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Bi Pole Her #2

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 06/02/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447026050

Models: Bella, Melissa Pitanga , Anita Cordeiro, Bruno Stygmata, Kaike, Sandro Burlock, Roger, Lana Paes, Rudolfo, Luiggi, Arconjo

Series: Bi Pole Her series


he clear boundaries that once existed between gay and straight are slowly disappearing. Bi-Pole Her #2 is hard evidence of this phenomenon, as boys love other boys just as much as they love girls.

Tags: bi pole her 2

Scenes from Bi Pole Her #2

Scene 1 - they are in love with her ass just as much as each other's wang

Starring: Melissa Pitanga , Bruno Stygmata, Arconjo


Description: Melissa Pitanga is an ultra sexy blonde who is lounging on a beach chair, spending time with her friend Bruno and his curly brunette friend named Arconjo. She is very short yet, stocked with a perfectly tight body and larger sized titties for a girl her size. Her little ass is thick, sweet and very pretty. Bruno is the taller of the two guys. He is very slim, and extremely bisexual. He is in love with Melissas ass just as much as he is with Arconjos cock. Melissa orders him to suck Arconjos man-meat more, as she latches her lips onto his own meaty shaft. They share a taste of Arconjo, as this funky love triangle shifts into high gear. She sucks them, they suck eachother and no rules are the only rules as Melissa directs the two to get nasty with eachother. Melissa is so cute, yet so nasty, as she sucks both cocks while Arconjo barebacks Brunos ass. There is no jealosy on anyones part, as they all share parts and pieces of one another. Fresh out of the boys asses and straight up her ass and pussy, their two cocks find their way in for some DP fun and a little ATM for kicks and giggles. They both dismount, as Bruno tosses one off on himself and Arconjo sprays one on Brunos hairless chest. The three shower to wash all the sperm away.  

Scene 2 - Rudolfo is a young man trying to understand the bisexual way

Starring: Bella, Rudolfo, Arconjo


Description: Cover Girl Bella, gets a ride to Rudolfos house on Arconjos motorcycle. She knows why she was brought here, and has no qualms with sharing her lover Arconjo with first timer Rudolfo; a young man still trying to understand the bisexual way. For Bella, as long as both cocks eventually wind up inside her at the same time, she does not mind being witness to a little gay play. Bella is a super hot and slutty Brazilian babe, with dark tan skin and and tight natural body. Her long dark hair and dark latin eyes look pretty as they gaze between the boys cocks, as they get drilled deeper and deeper inside her very capable mouth. Arconjo, a well built brunette stud with curly hair and a fat cock, gets Bella from behind and starts to fuck her while Rudolfo gets his chubby cock sucked. That doesnt last long, as the group prefers to see young Rudolfo, with his dark rimmed glasses on, suck on Arconjos cock instead. He hardly hesitates, as Bella encourages much more male interaction. She talks dirty and directs the play, as Rudys mouth and ass get chocked full of cock. Rudolfo pulls off his glasses as Bella gets ready to mount his cock. She thinks twice and would much rather see Arconjo fuck little Rudys bunghole while she slaps his innocent face silly. Rudolfo hangs in there and eventually gets his payback on Arcojos ass too. Bellas finale is getting both cocks, fresh out of the guys asses, inserted in both her holes at the same time. She loves it, and so do they, as they pull out and each cum all over her still puckering anus and thick Latin buttcheeks. As if these guys did not have enough already, they start fucking again in the shower, moving their cocks from pussy to ass to mouth like a merry-go-round.  

Scene 3 - the guys start to tear apart little Lana and then themselves

Starring: Kaike, Lana Paes, Luiggi


Description: Lana Paes is sitting on a park bench waiting for Luiggi and Kaiko to come meet her. The 3 formulate a quick plan to get home and all fuck each other. They waste little time, as the guys start to tear apart little Lana. She has dark skin, long dark hair and nice natural tits. Her ass is plump and hungry for bisexual boy cock. The guys are similar in looks- Both are tall and skinny with white skin and shorter hair; and both are hauling around some healthy sized wankers. She shows them how to suck cock the way she does and they amazingly catch on very quickly. Mutual cock sucking quickly leads to some fucking, with cocks exiting her pussy headed straight for the other dudes mouth. From ones mouth to the others asshole, they tear each others sphincters aparts, while Lana never leaves the remaining cock lonely. Both cocks eventually disappear in her shaved cunt and eager ass, while the boys prepare to pull out and cum all over her tits, as they french kiss each other. The action continues in the shower, where using ones mouth appears to be the preferred method for cleaning the others soiled genitals.  

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