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Bi Pole Her

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 11/05/07

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025749

Models: Harek, Alexander, Elipka, Kamila, Lukas, Martin, Jana

Series: Bi Pole Her series


In psychiatry, Bipolar refers to someone who has two completely opposite or contradictory natures. It is widely considered to be a major disorder that is characterized by episodes of mania and depression.

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Scenes from Bi Pole Her

Scene 1 - Lukas awakes aroused and the 3 way fun begins

Starring: Lukas, Jana


Description: Jana is our beautiful blonde cover girl with long silky hair and large natural hooters. She shares a room with Lukas and Harek. Lukas is taking a nap on the sofa while Harek is getting a little horny reading a mens magazine. He finds his hand stroking his comrades cock. Jana joins in the action and they both give Lukas a blowjob. Lukas awakes aroused and the 3 way fun begins as they Harek fucks Lukasss ass as Lukas pounds out Janas hairless hole. Lukas pulls his cock out of her, and feeds his butt-buddy Lukas a yummy taste. They finish by filling Janas hungry mouth with ample loads of cum.  

Scene 2 - she is a Euro piglet and they are as queer as they come

Starring: Elipka, Lukas


Description: Elipka is a Euro piglet with a short man-cut and bald-shaved pussy. She is wearing a red garter with lingerie and playing by herself on the bed. Lukas and Ladislov come to offer her a helping hand, but seem to be more interested in helping each other. They make out and suck each other off right before they each go a round with Elipka and each others assholes too. She begs for their cum in her mouth, as Lukas delivers her wish and then helps his slightly gayer buddy get his fix as well.  

Scene 3 - the boys start to kiss before she grabs for their attention

Starring: Alexander, Kamila, Martin


Description: Kamila is a slightly older Euro whore with long legs, fake tits and slutty makeup. She usually enjoys all the attention to herself, but Martin and Alexander seem to have other interests. They start to kiss and caress each others packages before she gets angry and demands some attention too. Alexander gives her what she needs, as Martin gives Alex a dose of what he needed as well. She screams, and gets off more and more, as the boys lick each others asses and gay off even harder. She rubs her pussy, as the guys go for the gusto and Alexander pops on Martins face and Martin rubs out a healthy one all by himself.  

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