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Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #6

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 02/04/08

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447025848

Models: Yopa, Ae, Mam Mam, Meow

Series: Bangkok Suckee Fuckee series


A little suckee and a whole lotta fuckee! Mr. Kinkade has not left Thailand for a long time, and passes each day with another Thai whore that he attempts to impregnate. He's back with his Brazilian buddy Allan, as Kinkade shows off the fine selection of young Thai girls he has planted his pale-skinned penis and thick fertile cum in.

length: 118 minutes

Tags: bangkok suckee fuckee 6

Scenes from Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #6

Scene 1 - her lips and eyes scream out "fuck me now"

Starring: Ae


Description: Ae is a real slutty looking thing. She has white skin for a Thai girl, and her lips and eyes scream out "fuck me now." Her dark nipples and slightly hairy pussy go along nicely with the cute mole on her chin and her deep, fleshy pussy too. She joins the 4 finger club as she easily fits four of her own in and out of her worn out fuck hole. She grabs for Kinkades cock and does a respectable job sucking it, before he force feeds her the last 8 inches she could not cram in herself. Kinkade likes this girl more than the average Thai whore, as he decided to shave his nappy nut sack for this special occasion. She fits half of him in her pussy before turning around and jamming every last inch in reverse cowgirl. This girl likes to fuck and needs no coaching from Kinkade. Her muscular legs suck his cock in and out like a vacuum hungry for cum. Cum is what she gets indeed, as he deposits a large one that drains from her well done fuzzy fuck box.  

Scene 2 - a solid sport fucking and cream pie ending

Starring: Mam Mam


Description: Mam was the beautiful Cover Girl from Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #5. She is so pretty with long hair, dark skin tone, and very inviting eyes. Kinkade is an avid cameraman and is busy capturing her beauty with a quick photo shoot he put together. It is not too long before his cock is out alongside her puffed-up hairy hole. He finger fucks her, but she really wants to suck his cock. He throat gags her a bit and face fucks her, before going at it hard doggie-style. He is so white and pale next to her golden brown skin, but he manages to sport fuck the shit out of her and still fill her pink hole with lots of Farang (white man) cum.  

Scene 3 - a mere 90 lbs with slender body and small choco colored nips

Starring: Meow


Description: Meow had the privilege of spending some time with Allan; Kinkades Brazilian comrade spending a few weeks on R and R in Bangkok. Allan likes his girls skinny, and few are smaller framed and skinnier than Meow. She weighs in at a mere 90 pounds, with slender body and small chocolate colored boobies. Being Brazilian, Allan is a bit rough with the girls. He spits in her pussy repeatedly, does lots of Pussy to Mouth PTM, and slaps her hand-sized ass all around the room. He pile drives her bald little pussy before pulling out and cumming all over her flat chest and dark nipples.  

Scene 4 - her makeup defines the traditional Thai hooker look

Starring: Yopa


Description: Yopa is our tiny and very tight Thai Cover Girl for this edition. She has a very cute face and large dark areola with hard pointy tipped raisin nipples mounted on a perfect set of hand-sized titties. She is masturbating on the sofa wearing a see through blue nightie. Her pussy is exceptionally well-groomed and her makeup defines the traditional Thai hooker look. Kinkade loves girls like this and crams his meaty 11 incher in and out of her mouth, while he rams her pussy with a glass dildo. She handles his hog orally well but when he sticks it to her doggie style he bottoms out half way in. He uses his patented Full-Nelson Fuck Maneuver on little Yopa, who is barely half his size. He stops to pay homage to her pretty little feet with his cock, before slamming her in 3 more positions and laying out a thick one deep inside her vaginal chamber. There was plenty remaining to dribble out for a textbook creampie.  

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