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Asian Noodle Slurpers #2

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 12/05/11

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447036585

Models: Yuu Sakura, Azusa Miyagawa, Yuki Morina, Makoto Kurosaki, Sara, Airi Nakajima

Series: Asian Noodle Slurpers series


Raw Deep J-Vags Filled with Watery J-Sap that Sprinkles the Bushy J-Lawns which Flood with Rich J-Slush!! Plush Wetlands Watered by Squirting J-Fountains!! Slurping Up Hi-Octane Japanese Jizz. Cross Eyed Cock Sucking School Girls, Ultra Horny Noodle Slurpers, Slow Deep Sloppy Slurpy BJs, Huge Japanese Cum Sprays. Japanese Subtitles with On/Off Feature Trailers Third World Media Online Photo Gallery

"The Yummier it is the Louder she Slurps!!"

Directed by- Ed "Slurpee" Hunter

length: 171 minutes

Tags: asian noodle slurpers 2

Scenes from Asian Noodle Slurpers #2

Scene 1 - Her IQ is without doubt lower than the average Japanese

Starring: Airi Nakajima


Description: Airis IQ is without doubt lower than the average Japanese. She loves cock and comes equipped with a tongue made for slurping and sucking too. Her eyes roll back inside her head as she sucks up a fat noodle and works it over no-handed, while staring with her big eyes into the camera and knobbing up a fat wad which clings to her fingers.  

Scene 2 - Yuu is only 21 and is a college student

Starring: Yuu Sakura


Description: Yuu is only 21 and is a college student. She has white milky skin and long legs and hair too. She is pretty and all natural too with pointy hard pink tipped nipples and ample boobage. Her J-box is surrounded by a bushy J-lawn and her vag is over-filled with thick, rich J-slush. She works a stiff J-pole up and down, slow and fast and with and without her hands, before winning a wicked mouthful which she sucks up and spits out. Its so much cum it spills out of her hands and on the sheets. She takes a shower and fingers herself as she gets clean.  

Scene 3 - she is not the hottest girl so must suck even better to get guys

Starring: Azusa Miyagawa


Description: Azusa Miyagawa knows she is not the hottest girl on earth and has to use her slurping skills to keep her in the game. She is small with a tight body and tiny titties. She slurps louder than most others and is proud of her BJ skills, as she does the sloppy and the nasty up and down our guys rod. She sucks up a giant loud that she spits out and pools in her hand before showering clean and taking a hot bath.  

Scene 4 - Makoto Kurosaki is a cross eyed cock sucking school girl

Starring: Makoto Kurosaki


Description: Makoto Kurosaki is a cross eyed cock sucking school girl. One look at this chick tells you she she is an ultra horny little noodle slurper and cock coddler. Her nipples are pointy and perky as she crams a fat shaft in and out of her mouth. She goes slow and deep and even more cross-eyed as she gobbles up a large batch that pools in her mouth before she fully swallows. Our guy than finger jams her hole, getting her clit to inflate in size and precious J-juice to squirt out from inside her, watering her plush landscape.  

Scene 5 - She likes bugs and creepy things, including Japanese super vibra

Starring: Sara


Description: Sara is not like all the other girls. She likes bugs and creepy things, including Japanese super vibrators and hair coated penis shafts. Her big tits jiggle and shake, as her sap starts to loosen and flow from deep inside her. She kisses, toys, licks, sucks and slurps her way through a mouthful of hi-octane Japanese jizz. She drains it from her mouth and toys with it in her hands.  

Scene 6 - she sucks this noodle with no hands but a lot of her tits

Starring: Yuki Morina


Description: Yuki Morina is a cute and tiny doll with a mousy voice and a sexy mouth. Her tits are large, soft and round and her J-vag is raw and deep and filled with watery J-sap. She hits the J-stick fast and sucks this noodle with no hands and a lot of her tits. Her cooperation is rewarded with a massive cum spray launching from between her tits and all over her face and neck.  

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