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Amy Daly The Translesbian #2

Studio: Grooby Productions

Release Date: 06/18/12

UPC Code: 822447027989

Models: Amy Daly

Series: Amy Daly The Translesbian series


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Amy Daly has evolved. She used to only like other transsexuals and she was known as a "Trans-Lesbian." But times have changed and now Amy is getting into other things, such as Men and some Dominatrix action too!

Fuck Me Coach- Amy is a pretty good soccer player but her coach is very demanding. Her tiny tits and pudgy package jump around in her tight PE uniform before they head back for a proper cool down after the workout. A massage turns into a cock sucking fest as the 2 drop to their knees and pay homage to the others cock and ass. He mounts her from behind and drives his big meat in and out of her. Her nipples perk and her penis swings before coach prescribes a direct injection of extra protein from the tip of his dick.

Lexi Wade- Amy is stuck in a Mexico hotel and orders up a tranny hooker. Lexi comes by and is quick to show off her tight body and titanium cock that Amy demands she fucks her with. Amy sucks her cock and jiggles her saggy sack around, before bending over and letting Lexi fuck her from behind, below and on top too. Lexi pulls out and twists a fat one right onto Amys willing face.

Tiffany Star is a friend of Amys who asks Amy to come over and fuck her face. Amy is off from school and makes the trip and quickly undresses Tiffany. Her tits are large and firm and her cock is long white and skinny. They mutually suck each others cocks before Tiffany busts open Amys ass and power strokes it for a long while. Tiffanys ass is covered in pimples but that hardly matters to Amy, who waits for a sticky cum dropping from Tiffanys rock hard missile.

New Years- Amy is celebrating New Years in a cute costume. She is a bit hungover but that has not deterred her from stroking her shlong around on the kitchen counter. She hits maximum erection just in time for her to land a long sticky one on the tile floor.

Brittany St. Jordan comes home to Amy who has prepared a potion to inject her with. Brittany passes out and is tied up in Amys house of horrors. The room and Brittany are plastic wrapped and she strapped naked to a table. Amy is playing dominatrix and is taking full control of a bound and gagged Brittany. Items stuff her mouth and cram her ass while Amy wraps her lips around around Brittanys wang. She puts an inflatable balloon up Brittany anus and pumps away, filling it up and exerting extreme pressure inside of her anus. After giving her some cock to suck she fucks her ass with a dildo and whacks her wiener around as Brittany unleashes a bright white massive creamy cum load that Amy sucks completely up.

Translesbian by Day, Bi-Curious by Night!!! Amy Daly- the LA T-Girl who loves other T-girls has Now Discovered Men!!
Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-curious!! Dangling Ball Bags in Tight PE Uniforms, Titanium Tranny Cocks and Rock Hard Missiles Too! Penis Swinging Cock Sucking Ass Invading Tranny Fest. Saggy Shemale Sacks and Pimply White Tranny Asses. Dominatrix Play with Bound and Gagged Tranny. Coplay. Inflatable Anal Pumps and Bright White Tranny Cum Dumps.

Directed by Buddy Wood

length: 68 minutes

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Tags: amy daly the translesbian 2, chicks with dicks, ladyboy porn, tranny sex

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