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All American Hoodrats

Studio: Third World Media, Joe Pusher

Release Date: 05/06/13

Director: Joe Pusher

UPC Code: 718122135851


Joe Pusher is an American with a special set of skills. This guy can find hoodrats wherever they are hangin; and more likely than not those girls will be 100% brand new amateurs from the Los Angeles area that have never been on film before.

Joe Pusher American white latina bj blowjob amateur first timers

Amber is 21, all white and All American. She has never been on film before. She just met Joe, gets in his car and came ready to work. She has white pasty skin and a very cute look. Her tits are perfectly formed and her mouth is very well skilled and sucking cock. She gets her ass up in Joes front seat and goes to work. She swallows a massive load of cum by pooling it in her mouth and then swallowing every last drop. 

Katie Black is a true amateur. Never on camera before. She is young, tight, and all natural. Her tits are small, her pussy shaved, her ass is tiny and all around her asshole is a load of hair that coats her rear end and bunghole. She drops to her knees and sucks on Joes cock, handling the entire shaft, gagging and choking a bit along the way. She lays back and moistens her her swollen pussy up, as Joe tries to penetrate it. It is tight and hard to access, but Joe pulls out, lets her suck her juices off his stick and then blasts her entire face with a massive cum load. 

April Springs was walking home from work at the movie theater when she met up with Joe in his car. She hails from Redondo Beach California and is tiny at 5 foot 1 inch and is as cute as they come. She is an admitted sex freak and came to suck cock. She strips her clothes off and then drops to her knees sucking Joes cock. She kneels down, puts her head back and takes a giant Joe Pusher load across her head.

Dolly Hicks is originally from North Carolina. She is an older white chick with long legs and slightly saggy tits. She came to suck some cock and wears a bikini to make things easy. At 27 years of age she has sucked a lot of cock before. She swirls and sucks and licks and crams the side of her face. Her pink tipped nipples match the inside of her vagina too. She back s her pussy onto Joes cock before getting down and begging for a lot of cum all over her face. Joe delivers. 

Bre Brooks is all dressed up for her Joe Pusher audition. She has never been on camera before. She is young (18), super cute and quite ready to make it in the adult world. She has a great body and a pretty ass for a white girl. She sends some shout outs to her friends and sucks away, before backing up and sitting down on Joes dick. They fuck for a small bit before she drops, sucks some more and readies for a massive nut that pastes itself to her face and all throughout her hair. It dribbles down her face.

Breanne is a SoCal girl. She is young and pretty with a full figure. She is stuffed into super tight shorts and long legs with high heels. She is in the bathroom with Joe, who has her on her knees ready to suck cock in order to exit the bathroom. He bends her over the tub and nails her from behind. Stretching her young pussy before feeding her a mouthful of his goo.

starring: Amber, Katie Black, April Springs, Dolly Hicks, Bre Brooks, Breanne

Tags: all american hoodrats, amateurs, american, blowjob, first timers, joe pusher

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