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10 Little Asians #17

Studio: Asian Eyes, Third World Media

Release Date: 11/05/12

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447037056

Models: Mayu Kudo, Sakura Anna, Mao Miyazaki, Pra I, Stephanie, Nok, Cindy II, Ai, Mo, Nozomi Kahara

Series: 10 Little Asians series


Asian girls are usually small and tiny with natural boobs and tight bodies. Of course there are other Asian body types, but for ma ny of us the smaller the flower the sweeter the juices. 10 All Natural and Little Asians from Japan, Thailand, USA and the Philippines!!

length: 240 minutes

Tags: 10 little asians 17, asian pussy, thai porn

Scenes from 10 Little Asians #17

Scene 1 - high end, hand-sewn, organically grown Oriental rug

Starring: Sakura Anna


Description: Sakura Anna is 24 and very cute. She is not shy about her daily routine of self pleasure and she does not currently have a boyfriend either. What she does have though is a high end, hand-sewn, organically grown, Japanese-made Oriental rug laying between her legs. She sucks our J-knob nicely, slowly slobbering its tip and nibbling at the shaft. Her tits are medium in size but are capped with 2 fat headed nipple stumps. Her J-hole comes pre-lubed and ready for use, but only after a long journey through her fuzzy jungle. The super J-vibe gets her off hard, squirting and dripping organic J-juice that she herself enjoys a small taste of. She goes cross-eyed as she sucks some cock in the bathtub, before laying on her back and letting a stiff J-rod blaze a trail through her thick brush. It pulls out, but only after depositing a thick load of gooey cum that slowly drains to her hairy and hard puckering asshole  

Scene 2 - Cindy is a small and compact little Filipina chick with a nice smile

Starring: Cindy II


Description: Cindy is a small and compact little Filipina chick with a nice smile and 2 well rounded bosom with hard tipped nipples on the end. She has pretty eyes and is hungry for foreign bred penis to stuff her mouth and her trim fuck hole. She licks and sucks and lays back, spreading her hairless fuck box with bulging clit on top. She uses her own hips to work the cock we give her in and out of herself, earning every last drop of a giant cum blast that coats her suntanned tummy.  

Scene 3 - small boobies and 2 active nipple stubs

Starring: Mo


Description: Mo is the tiny covergirl for this edition. She is thin and tight with small boobies and 2 active nipple stubs. Her hair is long and her look is serious as she prepares to say Sawadee to Allans cock tip. She gnaws away at it before getting on all fours and prepping her ultra tight and young box for an Australian invasion. She relaxes and handles the hog in her well. She sucks it in and out of her hole and works her hips around to earn a mouthful of cum that foams and collects as a sperm beard on her chin. She showers, changes back into her cute clothes and tiny shorts and says goodbye.  

Scene 4 - Stephanie is only 18 years old with a tiny tiny body

Starring: Stephanie


Description: Stephanie is only 18 years old with a tiny tiny body, dark skin, fresh round tits, a flat Asian ass and a cock hungry unshaven Filipina vagina. She uses a small vibrator to warm her insides and get her juices flowing. Her puffed up puki stands ready for battle as we prep a cock for her to run her skills on. She stares into the camera with her cute eyes as she gobbles up his rod and gash gobbles up the rest. She hops around the cock like a Filipina fuck bunny in search of some cum. He pulls out and she starts to suck her way to a dumping of cum across her firm young breasts.  

Scene 5 - she bleaches her hair and talks with a weird voice

Starring: Ai


Description: Ai is quite shy and a little ugly too. She wears a lot of make up, bleaches her hair and talks with a weird voice. Girls like her are typically sluts and she is no exception, doing whatever she has got to do to get some cum dumped in her well used J-puss. Her tits are small, yet they house 2 prominent, dried-raisin shaped nipples, that show signs of being sucked on quite a bit. Her slice is already wide open and bright pink to orangish shade inside. Two fingers enter her with ease before the super J-vibe and a smaller friend loosen her up even further and get her squirming. She grabs for our cock and licks and sucks away at it before it splits her thighs and works this girl into a frenzy. She makes funny faces and strange noises too, as she takes it in a variety of positions before becoming the pooling area for a large load of cum deep inside her. It flushes out of her as she licks up the cock that fucked her too.  

Scene 6 - spilling out of school panties is a wild Japanese forest

Starring: Mao Miyazaki


Description: Miyazaki has a pretty face with buck teeth. She has a silly giggle and a perverted personality. She likes to be hard fucked and likes a little pain too. She loves sucking cock and handles the one we feed her with extreme professionalism. She licks it and gnaws at it before opening up her white school blouse and giving us a peak at her pointy nipple tips and healthy sized J-rack. Between her legs and spilling out of school panties is a wild Japanese forest stretching from far above her slice to far below her asshole. Behind her fur is a fleshy and meaty J-hole, pre-lubed with high quality J-sap. The Japanese giant super vibrator gets Mao to the boiling point fast. She showers and cools down before laying back and letting her monster J-vag swallow up his cock. She gets jammed super hard, before her puffy muff su cks up a large offering of cum; which slowly drains from inside her as her pussy starts to un-swell.  

Scene 7 - perfectly round and tiny ass and a vagina that comes pre-lubed

Starring: Pra I


Description: Pra is very young and super cute too. She has white toned skin and a small tight body with natural tatas and perky brown nipple points. Her ass is perfectly round and tiny and her vagina comes pre-lubed and modestly hairy too. We give her a falang wang to play with and she does her best sucking and nibbling at its tip. She buries her tongue in his cock tip and uses her tiny tits to make nice to it too. She lays back and takes the foreign pipe hard and fast. She squeaks, squeals and moans as she gets it in a variety of positions, before her buttocks goes on auto-pilot and starts to fuck his cock on its own. He pulls out of her and fills her nostrils with cum that foams and bubbles and drips down to her chin. She hits the shower to clean up before changing and saying goodbye.  

Scene 8 - Nok likes to wash cock

Starring: Nok


Description: Nok likes to wash cock. She is small and compact with a very pretty smile and braces too. She giggles and laughs a lot as she undresses an Australian customer who has come for a Siam soap down. She washes him down and pays special attention to his shaft and the boys as well. Her body is tight and her tits are natural and perfectly round. Her modestly hairy fuck hole is slippery from soap as well as its natural slime, which gives easy access for her new foreign friend. He pumps her pussy hard and fast and leaves her with a mighty nut pasted across her young boob. She showers, changes and says goodbye.  

Scene 9 - her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices

Starring: Nozomi Kahara


Description: Nozomi Kahara is our covergirl for this installment. She is super cute with a pretty smile and a perfect body. Her tits are not big but not too small either, with nipples that are puffy and responsive to stimuli, as our guy tugs and tweaks on them. She keeps her J-bush clean and well within the border of her white panty line, but as her tidy whiteys drop, her soft J-grass is seen lightly coating her warm and moist J-box. We introduce her to the super J-vibe, which she grabs for control of and warms her pretty slice. She quivers and shakes and cums before swallowing the J-rod and taking a quick shower. She continues on the bed, nibbling on ball sack and gash gobbling hard cock with her schoolgirl dress on. She takes a good bareback ride, as her pussy foams and sweats its precious J-juices. Our guy leaves her some fresh juice too; in the form of a giant cream pie that fills and then flushes out of her pretty J-slit.  

Scene 10 - Her tits are small and her nipples are pointy

Starring: Mayu Kudo


Description: Mayu Kudo looks just like a regular girl, definitely not some chick into fucking on film. She is married and a bit undersexed. Her tits are small and her nipples are pointy and her vaginal hair is nearly as long and as dark as the hair on her head. That lower hair shields a burning hot J-burger that has been marinating in some special J-sauce for a long time. We feed her a vibrator in her slice and a plastic bead toy up her ass at the same time. She tongue tastes a little cock before stuffing her hole with it. She grinds her hips and brushes her pubic hair all around, before laying back and taking a spraying of fresh Japanese mayo across her tummy.  

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