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10 Little Asians #24 (TW-994)

Studio: Third World Media

Release Date: 08/27/18

Director: Ed Hunter

UPC Code: 822447039944 (TW-994)

Models: Namiko, Boi, Osmin, Ayumi, Fani, Haruka, Sayuri, Tutu, Nuna, Pui


TWM is very proud to present the latest edition to this very popular series: 10 Little Asians #24. Small girls are super cute. Small girls who are completely natural and innocent looking are even hotter!

Tags: 10 little asians, 10 little asians 24, asian, petite, teen

Scenes from 10 Little Asians #24 (TW-994)

Scene 1 - TTH12_2_Osmin.mp4


Scene 2 - TJ12_2_Sayuri.mp4


Scene 3 - Pui - Fucking Machines 8

Starring: Pui I


Scene 4 - Namiko - Little Asian Cocksuckers 18

Starring: Namiko


Scene 5 - Nuna - Hairy By Myself 2

Starring: Nuna


Scene 6 - Third World Amateurs In The Philippines #3 scene 3


Scene 7 - chocolate colored nipples and freshly shaved Asian Fuck box

Starring: Tutu


Description: Tutu may be from Thailand but she likes wearing her custom made silky China dress. She shows it off to her foreign customer who anxiously awaits the unveiling of her beautiful firm tits, chocolate colored nipples and freshly shaved Asian Fuck box. She swallows some cock without the use of her hands and makes nice to his penis tip in between the cleavage of her 2 tits. He fucks her face before splitting her cheeks and stuffing her Thai slice. She takes it from behind and gets her ass slapped as she moans ever so sweetly. Her dark brown clitoris peeks through her slit as fat foreign man-meat continues to fill her to capacity. She sucks the fresh juices of her pussy straight off his cock and then sticks it back in for a final fucking before getting a nice cum load straight on her pretty face. She jumps in the bath tub and carefully washes his entire package clean.  

Scene 8 - She is very sensitive to the touch and skinny with a pretty pair of smaller sized J-titties

Starring: Haruka Sasano


Description: Haruka Sasano is a mature girl in her mid to late twenties. She has short dark hair and pretty eyes. She is very sensitive to the touch and skinny with a pretty pair of smaller sized J-titties. Her pussy is natural and hairy, spanning a wide territory across her inner thighs. The super J-vibe gets this girl cumming hard and her pussy filled with thick, rich J-slush. She skillfully sucks up a J-stick, first with her mouth and then with her thighs. She moves slow and steady and erotically as she gets a batch blown between her legs. It drains from inside her and dribbles down to her butt.  


Scene 10 - Cream Filled Japanese Fur Burgers Vol 2 - Ayumi Kobayashi


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